• Rashida Parveen
  • Kanwal Ashiq
  • Mayyda Asif Bajwa
  • Mehwish Qayyum




Viral Hepatitis
Every one of us has heard the word “hepatitis” and considered it a fatal disease. “Viral hepatitis” is the inflammation of the liver that is caused by a nasty family of viruses. Due to hepatitis, it is estimated that globally 1.34 million people died per year and it is also reported that about 80% of cases of liver cancer are only caused by hepatitis B and Hepatitis C together. The number of patients having this infection is amplifying each year, which is quite an alarming situation (1).

Viral Hepatitis Modes of Transmission
HAV (Hepatitis A Virus) transmitted by the contaminated water (fecal-oral route), and for HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) and HBC (Hepatitis C Virus)There are mainly four modes of transmission, these are;
1. Via blood
2. Through sexually contact
3. Through needle sharing during drug administration and
4. From an infected mother to baby.
Further, health care professionals who are dealing with the patients and their sample are also at higher risk.




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