Editorial of International Journal of Pharmacy and Integrated Health Sciences


  • Abubakar Munir




It gives me pleasure to announce the very first edition of the ‘International Journal of pharmacy and integrated health sciences', a bi-annual journal published by the Pharmacy Department of Superior University.

Only a year ago, the honorable Rector Dr. Sumaira Rehman and Chairman of the group, Prof Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman along with Directors of the Research Committee ordained a team of enthusiastic researchers to venture on publishing a new journal in the field of medicine and allied sciences.

Such an edition was dire felt need of presenting the academic quality of Pharmacy Department and Research carried under the supervision of ORIC, steering it to next level; meeting both the need of market and accepted health standards of the current time. The Journal has been carefully designed to pertain to the most substantial and valid information from the field of medicine delivered at a level capable of sustaining global standards of research, quality, and communication.

The journal is designed to be published, both in hard copy and in an electronic format with the online release of abstracts and another database. Through this platform, I invite all researchers from dedicated fields of science and medicine to join hands for presenting their work under a platform that shall reach out to many.




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Munir, A. (2021). Editorial of International Journal of Pharmacy and Integrated Health Sciences. International Journal of Pharmacy & Integrated Health Sciences, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.56536/ijpihs.v1i1.1